Sirloin Steak

Sold 1 steak per package

A classic cut of beef, our lean sirloin steak is a favorite for any occasion from weeknight meals to special celebrations.  The sirloin is both versatile and flavorful.

Always grass-fed, grass-finished and grain free. This is a staple for any kitchen because of its versatility and convenience. Ours is loaded with incredible flavor and texture because we use a mixture of ground sirloin and brisket. You will be blown away by what we refer to as our “steak burgers” the next time you fire up the grill.

100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Pasture Raised Beef. Yes – 100% grass grazing for our cattle. No grains, no vaccines, no hormones. Our beef is also raised on our farmstead, under our watchful eye, 100% of its life. As with all of our animals, the cattle are humanely and ethically treated, and sustainably raised.    

1 steak (~2-3 lbs)

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