Here is a list of frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have a question that didn’t make its way on to this list, feel free to directly contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in Cullman, Alabama. 

What is the difference between Forest-Fed Pork and Pasture-Raised Pork?

Pasture-raised pigs are not always given access to wooded areas. Naturally, pigs need forested areas to thrive on roots, tubers and insects. Forest-fed pork is a longer process and far more superior of a product. The pigs are in their natural dwelling- not in a pen; which allows them to roam freely while also having natural shade & protection.

Is grass-grazed beef the same as 100% grass-finished beef?

Yes, it is some ways. However, we like to give our 100% grass-grazed cattle access to larger pastures allowing them to graze & herd freely as nature intended. In addition to no grains, our animals aren’t given vaccines or hormones.  Our beef is also raised on our farmstead, under our watchful eye, 100% of its life. We use a pasture rotational system for quality control and to make sure that the animals have no stress and are able to naturally herd. 

With what do you supplement your pastured poultry?

All of our poultry is outside 24 hours each day, 7 days each week on pasture. They get a huge amount of their nutrition from insects, bugs, & grub in the ground, but we also offer them a supplementary, special feed blend that’s exclusively SOY FREE, GRAIN FREE, & CORN FREE. We mix a blend of millet, vitamins and minerals, wild caught fish, and Dematiaceous Earth (DE) to naturally protect against parasitic infections.

What do you feed your pigs? 

Naturally, our pigs thrive on roots, native grasses, tubers and insects.They also get in on our soy, corn, & grain free cracked eggs, as well as fruits & veggies from our pesticide, insecticide, chemical free family garden. In addition, we offer them a supplementary, special feed blend that’s exclusively SOY & CORN & GRAIN FREE. 

Are your animals ever given any antibiotics, vaccines, or hormones?

No, NEVER. Antibiotics, vaccines, nor hormones are never used on any of our animals.  

Do you sell shares of beef and/or pork?

Absolutely! Simply fill out and submit this form to begin the process. We’d be happy to work with you on customizing your order.


Are there certain ways to cook your meats?

For information on how to cook any of our meats, simply contact us for some of our personal family recipes that we think you will love, to!


Is it common to have feathers remaining on my poultry items?

Yes! Don’t be alarmed if you find the occasional feather on any of our chicken &/or turkey items. This is naturally occurring as we do not use any harmful chemicals to remove them.


How long will it take for my order to ship?

How does your shipping process work?

We are proud to offer UPS Ground home delivery to all 48 continental states for all orders of or above $100.  All of our orders are packed with loads of dry ice and come packaged in insulated liners to insure they arrive to your house at safe temperatures. Each week, we ship out orders on either Monday or Tuesday during a typical week.  You will receive an email with tracking details once the order has been shipped.

What if the item I’m looking for is sold out?

If you're looking for an item that appears to be sold out, no worries!  We update inventory constantly, so check back often and stock up when you see it next.  You can also sign up for an in-stock reminder or contact us directly. If you’re a local customer, always contact us as local inventory is different. 

What if I decide I no longer wish to purchase an item(s) that I have paid a RESERVATION FEE for or placed a deposit on? Will I be refunded?

Your reservation fee if non-refundable & non-transferable for items marked as RESERVED. Share deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable. We suggest to contact us before making the commitment to reserve or place a deposit on any of our items set aside for reservations if you have any questions or concerns beforehand. 


What if once I receive my order, I no longer want my order or would like a refund? Will I be able to return my order or be refunded?

Please contact us, as always, with questions before ordering. We are always happy to discuss & answer, in detail, any questions or concerns you might have before committing to an order.

Once items have left our farmstead, we are not able to accept them back as returned items. We also do not issue refunds.

In the rare event that you receive damaged items in your shipment, you must take photos & other necessary documentation before we are able to open a case to determine if a refund is appropriate. You must contact us directly the day your package arrives to open a refund case. 

If I am located in North Alabama, can I arrange to pick-up my order at a local delivery site or have my order delivered?

Absolutely! If you would prefer to pick up or have your order delivered in the North Alabama area, we offer free local delivery.  Simply select FREE local delivery at checkout.

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