Boston Butt Roasts

Sold in 5-6 lb roasts

IF INTERESTED IN A LARGER ROAST, please send us an email. 

Did someone say pulled pork?  Other roasts will do for your next barbeque, but our shoulder roast is what you’re looking for.  Often referred to as the Boston Butt, our shoulder roast is perfect for the smoker or grill.  Shred it up and you’re left with the best pulled pork in town.

Always soy free, corn free, non-GMO, no vaccines, no hormones. Heritage pork roasts and ribs are a hit with our customers because of their distinctly rich, pure clean taste. 

Raised on pasture with hardwoods, a perfect habitat for pigs, our pigs are free to root, free to dig, and free to forage for their food – just how nature intended.  They drink fresh rainwater collected in rain barrels.  No soy, no corn, no vaccines, no hormones.  As with all of our animals, the pigs are humanely and ethically treated, and sustainably raised.       


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