Fat Back

Sold in ~1lb packages

Like other types of pig fat, fatback is great for making high-quality lard or frying up to make melt in your mouth pork rinds. Finely diced or coarsely ground fatback is also a flavorful ingredient to add to your own sausage or in a variety of meat dishes.

Making your own broths & stocks at home?  Try using our pork bones to add even more richness and nourishment to your next batch. When using our forest-fed heritage pork bones, you will end up with the most gelatinous, collagen-rich stocks with incredible deep flavor.  Looking for clean pork fat to use in multiple ways?  Our pork fat will take the wellness value to any homemade concoction up another notch!

Raised on pasture with hardwoods, a perfect habitat for pigs, our pigs are free to root, free to dig, and free to forage for their food – just how nature intended.  They drink fresh rainwater collected in rain barrels.  No soy, no corn, no vaccines, no hormones.  As with all of our animals, the pigs are humanely and ethically treated, and sustainably raised.     

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