Backs — Pasture Raised Chicken

Sold in 2-3lb packages

No waste here! We utilize and save every part of each bird we process here on the farm.  Be sure to make your next batch of nourishing bone broth with our pastured-raised, no-soy, non-GMO, no corn, no vaccines, no hormones from day one chicken backs!

Enjoy making your own nourishing bone broths at home? Our chicken broth kits, necks, backs, feet, and organs are just what you’ve been looking for to add that extra kick of flavor and nutrition to your next batch. 

Our birds are outside on grass their entire lives, with room to peck, forage & roam.  Ever had a truly pastured chicken? Get ready to experience what our customers say are the tastiest, cleanest birds out there.  Our chicken is rich in flavor and high in nutrition, which doesn’t even come close to the store-bought alternatives.

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