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What's NEW?

Introducing - Freezer Stock Boxes

3 Different Ways to
Stock Your Freezer & Save
with an Assortment of our Seasonal Meats.  

We offer FREE delivery/drop off sites in the

North Alabama area. We also SHIP anywhere in the state of Alabama!

Why Us?

Zero Soy

Zero Corn

Zero GMO products


Animals NEVER given:
  • Vaccines
  • Drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemicals - Pesticides/Herbicides

What exactly are we doing differently?

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Meet the Amonites - Karl, Karli, & Klaire
Meet the Amonites - Karl, Karli, & Klaire


Online Meat Shop from Heritage Hills Farmstead coming 2019!
Offering you a quick & easy way to select your meats & securely pay online.
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