Plain Ground Pork

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Sold in 1 lb packs

The sky's the limit to the culinary possibilities with our plain ground pork. That’s right. Purely pork.  No common additives such as nitrates, nitrites, MSG, or even sugar. Customers rave about using our ground pork in meatballs, casseroles, pork burgers, and even on pizza.

Always soy free, corn free, non-GMO, no vaccines, no hormones. Our forest-fed heritage pork grinds are staple ingredients in many savory recipes or the perfect addition to your breakfast lineup. Plain ground pork is a substitution for ground beef, but can also pair well with a variety of other meat grinds.  Our ground sausage is made in small batches with the most simple ingredients that allow the pork flavor itself to shine.

Raised on pasture with hardwoods, a perfect habitat for pigs, our pigs are free to root, free to dig, and free to forage for their food – just how nature intended.  They drink fresh rainwater collected in rain barrels.  No soy, no corn, no vaccines, no hormones.  As with all of our animals, the pigs are humanely and ethically treated, and sustainably raised.       

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